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Here's an example of why this surgery is important:

We recently took in a very pregnant cat found outside at a local apartment complex. This cat ended up having 10 KITTENS! This is more than she can both feed at one time and produce enough milk for. Fortunately, we had another cat that had just finished nursing her litter and she accepted some of the kittens to raise. While 10 kittens is a very abnormal and huge litter, just think that if 5 of these kittens are female, they each could have had litters of their own within 6 months which could have added another 20-30 kittens to the already overpopulated San Antonio area. But with your help, each of these kittens and momma will be spayed or neutered and the cycle of reproduction will stop.

Now with your help, we are hoping to bring the total for this fundraiser to $15,000 before it ends on April 17th. Please spread the word and help us reach our new goal.

We are also excited to introduce a new way, at least for us, that you can donate. We have partnered with Harness, a donation platform, and now have the ability to use text message keywords to process donations. If you would like to make a donation using this new feature, simply text “SPAY” to 269-89 and you’ll receive a link to make your donation.


Our Mission

Helotes Humane Society

The Helotes Humane Society’s mission is to promote the benevolent treatment of animals and provide humane education. Our group takes in neglected, abandoned, and unwanted dogs and cats. We spay and neuter them, medically treat them, and get them ready for adoption. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to placing unwanted animals in Helotes, Texas and the surrounding San Antonio community into loving, forever homes. You can help by adopting a dog or cat, donating or volunteering!


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